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Yao Hsin Plastic Machinery Co, Ltd was established in 1993 and is specialized in manufacturing car carpet adhering machines, plastic laminating machines, pipes extruding production lines, profile extruding production lines and recycle  pelletizing equipment. While adhering to the philosophy of “Quality first, Technology leads, Service comes first”, Yao Hsin is committed to striving for technology R&D, productivity & quality upgrading, and continuous growth by innovation. B ased on customers needs, Yao Hsin dedicates itself to plastic material research characteristics and designs the most efficient extruder production line. Currently, plastics that can be applied for Yao Hsin designed production lines include PVC, PA,  PE, PR, PS, HDPE,LDPE, ABS, EVA, TPR, etc.  









The machinery equipment produced by Yao Hsin Plastic Machinery Co, Ltd is: PVC/TPR car carpet adhering machines, PE/PR/EVA plastic laminating machines, PVC/PE/ABS pipe extruding production equipment, PVC/ABS/PS profile extruder  production equipment, PVC/PE/PA iron-wire coating production equipment, Tethlin weaving extruder equipment, PVC threaded pipe coating machines, PVC/PE/ABS waste recycling pelletizing production equipment, PVC loose-leaf plastic  spring forming machines, etc.   


The products produced by Yao Hsin Plastic Machinery Co, Ltd cover various fields which can be roughly divided into the following: automotive accessories, building materials, lighting fixtures, electrical materials, gardening, stationery, furniture and soft/hard pipes, etc, which are all included in our service scope.
In the last nearly 20 years, the extruder machinery produced by Yao Hsin Plastic Machinery Co,. Ltd. has been sold in over 25 countries, which are all well recognized and affirmed by customers around the world. Yao Hsin will stride forward to the field of a higher technology level and provide customers with more premium quality services. We hope we can grow together with our customers.    

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